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The academy is your one stop shop to build a thriving wellness business. We are making it easy for you and provide you with everything you need + the things you didn't know you need, in one easy to access place, our Beach Club!

No more endless scrolling through Google results trying to find a quick fix to your current problem or wasting hours with watching Youtube videos that sound promising but turn out to be empty words. We have both been there done that when we first started out and know how frustrating it can feel. Why not make it easy?

With love, your hosts Sabrina + Asja. xx

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+ Got an idea or passion project that you would just looove to bring to live and maybe even turn into a lifestyle business that supports your desires? Our classes and workshops will guide you through the exact steps you need to take, no guess work involved! Our monthly live Q+A calls will be your most valuable place to spend time on. 


+ Your wellness business has been up for a few months maybe even a year or two but you are looking to uplevel and learn more about hustle free marketing, aligning your mindset with your big visions and stop fishing in the dark for some accidental success?! We hear ya sister! Our advanced courses will have you covered.


+ Do you know the power of collaboration?! It's crazy big!! Having your Wolfpack of fellow bossbabes who are aligned with your vision and mission and have your back when shitt hits the fan is priceless. Not only for mental and biz support but it's literally the easiest and possibly most effective form of free marketing. Think social media shoutouts, guest blogging, co-hosting events and sooo much more! All you have to do is be active in our community and find those soulsisters of yours.


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  • Live Q+A calls and replays
  • Private FB group
  • Resource library + reading suggestions
  • Exclusive to LBA stock photo packs
  • Access to 1:1 time with our experts
  • New resources are added monthly!

All of this comes at a monthly price tag of *$15 AUD
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*Price will go up by September 2017.


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